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Helpful information about your federal appeal

Did you know...?

  • Unless you’re specifically challenging on appeal a district court’s procedural ruling, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure generally have no application to your appeal?
  • The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure are (usually) amended once a year, but the Ninth Circuit (usually) amends its rules twice a year, i.e., on January 1 and July 1?
  • The Ninth Circuit’s Rules not only supplement but, where allowed, can actually supplant otherwise applicable Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure?
  • There is a sharp distinction between and among the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Ninth Circuit’s Rules, and the Ninth Circuit’s General Orders, even though all three will govern the handling of your appeal?
  • The Clerk’s Office will reject your brief – i.e., will refuse to accept it for filing – and your appeal may be jeopardized, if your failure to comply with the relevant rules is deemed to be substantial?
  • There is a difference between a memorandum disposition and an opinion?
  • You can find general information about the federal courts by visiting the Administrative Office’s official website, and you can find specific information about your appeal before the Ninth Circuit by visiting its own official website?